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Also, we will be happy if you read the rules of visiting the site.

1. Upon registration, the nickname is not advisable to use:
- The names of sites;
- The name E-mail `s;
- Curses;
- Math.

Otherwise, you just can not for long "live" on the site with a similar name. For people with limited imagination recall the existence of dictionaries!

2. Categorically prohibits the publication of the following information:
- Netsenzurschiny, mate;
- Pornographic, criminal, religious character;
- Threats, insults, not watered the correct information;
- Discrediting honor and dignity;
- Commercial advertising;
- Swearing to the administration and the team website.

3. Prohibited by advertising links to other sites in the captions, comments, publications and archives.

4. Links and Archives (extracted on the links) that contain links to other sites and commercial advertising shall be removed and the author considers a ban!

5. Prohibits the placement of individual links to the hosts pay for the number of downloads. When placing these links the user is required to give a mirror on the other "sharserver" (,, or to choose from!)! Otherwise, the news will be deleted!

6. Music, albums that do not correspond to your taste do not comment! Do not like it - follow the other, your favorite section, but do not spoil your holiday nasty comments to people who prefer the style You do not close. If you really want to express their opinion in this or any other musical style, or you are unhappy with a particular artist - follow this in our forum and in the correct expression to explain their position by creating a theme, either by taking part in the already established theme.

7. If the links in the news turned out to be unusable, please let us know by using the new function button below the download links: Broken Link? Poor quality? Let us know! Likewise, requests for perezalivke albums on other servers, complaints about burnt links authors write news in PM (PM).

8. All disassembly and clarification of personal relationships are conducted only in LS.

9. Administrators and editors have the right to delete inappropriate messages without warning and without explanation.

10. Do not forget to thank the author for comments or news to the drug because he (she) gave you the opportunity to download a particular album, and even more so if you liked the music you listen, and even more so if you have found on our website is that have been looking for!

11. Search for music albums, tracks and videos is on our Forum in the "eternal search."

12. Before you can create news check to find whether this album on the site.

13. Updating references burned in their news for users in the comments, you are entitled to "bump" the news on home page (for yourself - if you "journalist" or wrote to the editor at LAN Please update your links - if you are "The Visitor").

14. If you perezalil someone's archive on the other sharserver (at the request of the suffering), then you have every right to insert your links in a comment to this album. Just be sure to use tags
Attention! You can view this text.
. This will hide the link from unregistered users!

Fixed rules of conduct on the site consider all! Ignoring these rules will result in immediate Bani at different times!

Tips for beginners:
* Be sure to read the Guidelines for creating News! Do not consider yourself wiser than others! Make the News by the rules, you will save time editors and your news will be faster on the site.
* If you make the news, do not forget to check out her own profile, because the editor can leave you a comment that you have corrected the news.